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Period Talk

Period Talk was born out of frustration that there are very limited resources available on the topic of menstruation other than its basic mechanics and people are still awkward and embarrassed to talk about periods.

The Why

Girls need to know and understand their cycles, in order to truly understand and connect with their bodies . Boys need to know and understand the cycles, in order to truly understand and connect with women and girls.

The Partnership

Share The Dignity are an Australian women’s charity that distributes sanitary items to women and girls who are homeless, at risk and can’t afford to buy their own.

Heidi, parent
There’s so much content which is awesome! First impression is I love it, the music is catchy, the kids are great, it’s obvious they’re not acting which makes the whole thing more natural. What a great resource for schools and parents!!!

Meet the Creator



Tasha Lawton


Tasha is a creative through and through. She has spent her career in advertising, marketing, TV, radio and film. Both behind and in front of the camera. She's about as authentic, real and down to earth as it gets and ultimately, wants to see period talk in as many homes and classrooms as possible.

What are you waiting for?!

Mums and Dads, be the change, make a real difference in your kids' lives, empower them and join the 'Period Talk' revolution!

The goodness just keeps on growing!

$10 of every sale goes back to Share the Dignity AND if you're a school, The Sustainable Period Project will donate a FREE resource kit per program bought.