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Parents and teachers, rest assured that the content aligns to the Health and Physical Education Australian Curriculum, Victorian Curriculum and recently released NSW PDHPE Syllabus.

Interactive Activities

You'll be amazed! Created with input from HPE teachers from around Australia and endorsed by the University of Western Sydney.

Funky Animations

More than just the mechanics of periods. Lesson plans and notes for educators, easy to follow discussion starters for parents.

Kym Stewart, HPE Teacher
"I found the whole Period talk kit very informative and honest. The whole subject was treated with dignity and respect.The videos made the subject of periods just normal , natural and no big deal. The animations are brilliant! We all loved them."

Presented by Kids for Kids to Normalise the Conversation!

Period Talk is a fully comprehensive, fun, engaging and informative menstruation specific education program aimed at BOYS and GIRLS in years 5-8 (ages 9-13). A complete stand alone resource that if you're a teacher, can be taught over four weeks and for the mums and dads out there, can be followed at your own pace. The videos are purposefully presented by kids for kids and cover every menstruation topic imaginable:

  • The cycles
  • Periods and the environment
  • PMS
  • Nutrition, pain management and stretches
  • Sanitary products – which, what, how, when & where
  • What happens to our bodies and our minds
  • Boys and periods
  • How different cultures manage their periods
  • Periods and the homeless
  • What a healthy period should look like


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Essie, aged 12
“I loved the fact there were boys in the videos and really connected with the format. I thought the questions asked in each video were on the mark and answered my own questions. I didn’t know about the menstrual cup and the cultural viewpoints. I thought the experiments with the tampons were a good idea because I didn’t know about the different sizes.”

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$10 of every sale goes back to Share the Dignity AND if you're a school, The Sustainable Period Project will donate a FREE resource kit per program bought.